Best Indoor Cycling Shoes: Top 4 Recommendations for Optimal Performance

Discover the top 4 indoor cycling shoes that offer comfort, durability, and enhanced performance for your indoor rides.

What are 4 of the best shoes for indoor cycling? What spin shoes are compatible with a Peloton cycle? Why do I need cycling shoes?Do they make a difference? How do the Peloton bike shoes fit?

These are some of the most common questions I get about Peloton bike ownership. It seems that buying Peloton bike shoes is where most people get tripped up. And I get it.

Before I got bike shoes
Before I got my Peloton bike shoes, I wore regular sneakers to ride a regular bike. I did have toe cages or shoe cages on my pedals. But I’d never ridden a road bike with clip-in bike shoes.

That all changed when we got our Peloton bike in 2016. At that time the bike came with a free pair of shoes. Both my husband and I have very wide feet. Some might say his feet are harder to fit because of his exceptionally high arch.

How we chose our cycling shoes
So when it came time to choose the Peloton bike shoes that would come with the cycle, we went with a pair for him. I’ll discuss a little later where I found Peloton spin shoes for sale that I ended up buying. Therefore, if you’re looking for cycling shoes for wide feet–whether you have a Peloton or not–I think you’ll want to read on.

Also, scroll down to access my Amazon shopping list for Peloton bike shoes.

Peloton Bike Shoes

New Peloton bike shoes released
In 2022 Peloton released a new version of their bike shoes. Called Altos they look more like the Tiem cycling shoes or Nike Super Reps that you might see some instructors wearing.

In fact, the Altos look more like a sneaker or tennis shoe than a spin shoe. From what I’ve heard, they have more given than the original Peloton bike shoes, stretch and are more comfortable. However, this review is based on the original shoes from Peloton, which both my husband and daughter currently use.

How to spell Peloton
Before I get into the nitty gritty of Peloton shoe sizing, I wanted to stop and make sure you’re spelling Peloton correctly. If not, you may not be getting the results you want when searching for information outside of this blog post.

When reading comments on my own blog or in Facebook groups, or answering readers’ questions about the Peloton bike–or in the case of this blog post–Peloton bike shoes–I’ve seen Peloton spelled in many different ways.

Here are the spellings I’ve seen:


Just so you know it is P-E-L-O-T-O-N.
peloton bike shoes

Peloton shoes sizing
When it comes to Peloton shoe sizing, I’m going to talk first about the Peloton brand bike shoes that you can get with your bike. Then, I’ll address other brands of spin or cycling shoes that are compatible with the Peloton bike.

Do you need special shoes for Peloton
When I say Peloton compatible shoes, what I really mean is this: the cleat or clip that goes on the bottom of the shoe is compatible with the Peloton pedal. The pedals take a Look Delta cleat, which is a red triangle (thus the Delta).

So do you need special shoes for Peloton? Well, if you want to be able to clip in while you ride, then yes. And make sure you get shoes that take cleats that are compatible with the Peloton pedals.

Do you need the Peloton bike shoes? As in do you need the brand of shoes that Peloton sells? No. As I said above, as long as you get shoes that can take the cleats for the Peloton pedals, you’ll be good to go.

This is what the Look Delta cleats look like, below. That’s what you want on the bottom of your Peloton bike shoes.

This article answers the most common questions about Peloton bike shoes.

Peloton spin shoes sizing guide
Like I said when we got our Peloton bike, it came with a free pair of shoes. My husband took the free pair of shoes.

As far as the Peloton bike shoe sizing, here’s what I can tell you. In real life my husband wears a size 13EEE shoe. Those are some wide feet. So when it came time to choose the bike shoes for Peloton, he went with a size 47.

First, I should say that the European sizing confused him. He had no idea how to translate a size 13 into a size in the 40s. “What size Peloton shoes should I get?” I remember him asking me.

Then, while the Peloton website doesn’t have a shoe size chart or a shoe sizing guide, per se, it does offer size “translations” right in the cart. So, he was able to see that a 47 was a men’s size 13.

Half sizes in Peloton bike shoes
However, if he had been a size 12.5 in regular shoes, I would have advised him to size up. That’s because there really aren’t half sizes in Peloton bike shoes–save for size 10.5 and 13.5 for men.

In women’s sizes, which you’ll see when you scroll down, there are no half sizes at all. As someone with hard to fit, wide feet, I find that sizing up is always better than sizing down. So, when it comes to Peloton bike shoes, I would always recommend you size up versus you size down.

Peloton bike shoes for men
Here’s what you need to know if you decide you want to buy the Peloton brand cycling shoes for men. First, the Peloton men’s bike shoes do not come in every size. Next, there are only two sizes that are equivalent to a half size. They would be men’s size 10.5 and men’s size 13.5.

So what sizes do they come in? Here are the Peloton bike shoes sizing options for men. Think of it as your Peloton shoe size chart.

40 (which is the equivalent of men’s size 7)
41 (which is the equivalent of men’s size 8)
42 (which is the equivalent of men’s size 9)
43 (which is the equivalent of men’s size 10)
44 (which is the equivalent of men’s size 10.5)
45 (which is the equivalent of men’s size 11)
46 (which is the equivalent of men’s size 12)
47 (which is the equivalent of men’s size 13)
48 (which is the equivalent of men’s size 13.5)

The men’s shoe sizing options are from American size 7 to 13.5. I would think that this range would likely fit most men’s feet.

However, if you’re looking for Peloton bike shoes for a boy, you might want to look at the women’s size. I’ve listed them below. If you wear larger than a 13.5, I’ll have some non-Peloton bike shoe options for you later in this blog post.

Men’s cycling shoes size chart for Peloton
This chart helps explain how the Peloton cycling shoes sizes translate to men’s shoe sizes. You can find men’s Peloton cycling or spin shoes for sale on eBay.

Mens peloton cycling spin shoe size chart

Peloton bike shoes for women
Like the Peloton bike shoes for men, the shoe sizes for women don’t cover every size. However, the range is pretty big.

The women’s Peloton cycling shoes go from women’s size 5 to women’s size 12. That’s impressive. On the other hand, unlike the men’s shoes, there are no half-size options.

Here are the Peloton bike shoes sizing options for women. Again, think of this as your Peloton shoe size chart.

36 (which is the equivalent of women’s size 5)
37 (which is the equivalent of women’s size 6)
38 (which is the equivalent of women’s size 7)
39 (which is the equivalent of women’s size 8)
40 (which is the equivalent of women’s size 9)
41 (which is the equivalent of women’s size 10)
42 (which is the equivalent of women’s size 11)
43 (which is the equivalent of women’s size 12)

No half sizes for women’s Peloton shoes
Whereas the men’s Peloton shoes mentioned above do have half sizes, the women’s Peloton shoes do not. This can be frustrating if you have half size feet.

My older daughter recently got a Peloton bike. She wears a 9.5 in shoes. So, what did she do when ordering shoes? She ordered the size 41 or size 10. Therefore, she sized up, and the shoes fit her perfectly.

Peloton women’s shoe size chart
The shoe size chart, below, should help you convert or translate Peloton shoe sizing into women’s shoes sizes that you’re familiar with. You can find Peloton shoes for women on eBay.

women’s peloton shoe size chart

Where to buy Peloton bike shoes
Of course, you can buy your Peloton bike shoes from Peloton itself. You can always splurge for the accessories package, which includes shoes. That’s what my daughter did when she bought her Peloton.

However, there are two places I’ve discovered online where you can buy Peloton brand shoes. One is eBay. There are tons of Peloton shoes for sale on eBay, which you can check out using this link.

I’ve highlighted some of my finds below.



Peloton shoe size chart
Since Peloton doesn’t have a shoe size chart, I made one with the information I had on hand. This should be super helpful for you as you shop for your Peloton shoes. You can find this at the bottom of this post.

Women to kids size shoes
I know there are a lot of petite people who ride Pelotons. It’s one of the reasons there is a “Shortie Tribe” on the bike as well as a Facebook group. And as a shortie myself from a shortie family, I know that short people often have small feet.

In addition, I know there are many Peloton users who have Peloton kids. It’s one of the reasons that I wrote my post on Peloton for kids.

One of the most common–if not the most common question people ask about Peloton and kids–is this: where can I find Peloton shoes for my children?

Converting shoes sizes
Well, with both communities in mind, I did some research on shoe sizes. And it turns out that converting youth shoe sizes or big kid shoe sizes to women’s sizes is not that hard.

Basically, you subtract two from the women’s size to get the youth size or the big kids shoe size. To make your life easier, I’ve created the womens to kids size shoes chart below. You can also print out a PDF copy of it on my Printable pages for free.

And fun fact, shortie tribe: youth size shoes are often cheaper than adult shoes for everyday shoes. So, if you have smaller women’s feet, you might want to shop in the youth section to save money.

peloton shoe size chart kids to womens

Kids Peloton bike shoes
This is good information if you’re looking for kids cycling shoes for Peloton. Knowing that these go as low as women’s size 5 means you can think of them in youth sizes.

The calculus for converting women’s size to youth sizes is roughly this: subtract 1.5 to 2 sizes. So for a women’s size 5, you would size down to a youth size 3 or 3.5.

Here is my blog post about Peloton for kids, including information on kids’ cycle shoes for Peloton.

Peloton shoes sizing for men and women
When buying the shoes, if you’re selecting from 40 up, you’ll see the sizes represented for women and men. Also, the Peloton bike shoes cost $125, regardless of what size you’re getting.

I guess that’s a good thing that they don’t discriminate based on gender or foot size with prices. However, you can do much better than $125 for spin or cycling shoes. I’ll address that a little later in this article.

If you’re looking to convert Euro shoe sizes to women’s US sizes, this chart on Peloton shoes sizing should help.

peloton shoe size chart euro sizes

The numbers on the bottom of the Peloton shoes
So many people have written to me asking about the numbers on the bottom of the Peloton bike shoes.

“Why are there numbers on the bottom of Peloton shoes?”

“What do the numbers on the bottom of Peloton shoes mean?”

“What are the lines and numbers on the bottom of the Peloton shoes for?”

Answers about numbers of bottom of Peloton shoes
Basically, those lines and numbers are there to help you with cleat positioning. The horizontal numbers can help make sure that your cleats are on straight. That is, the bottom of the cleat should line up with a line.

The diagonal line is to help you line up the cleat based on the ball of your foot. If you find that the shoes don’t feel right or are rubbing, you can move the cleats around, based on the lines.

Just take a picture of the position where you started so you can compare with where you end up. You can also use the lines and numbers for guidance from a local Peloton showroom about cleat positioning.

Speaking of cleat positioning, it was one of the things we discussed during my virtual remote bike fitting with Matt Wilpers.

How do the Peloton shoes fit
As I’ve mentioned, Bill has wide feet. The Peloton bike shoes do not come in varying widths. So he was worried that he would not fit his extra wide feet with high arches.

So, do Peloton shoes fit wide feet? Well, guess what? The shoes fit perfectly. They were a little snug around the front.

But the two Velcro straps across the top allowed for his high arch. And the ratchet strap also allowed enough room for the shoes to be snug but not too tight.

If you wear a half size, I would recommend sizing up. Some people have reported that the Peloton spin shoes run small.

Others, like my husband, feel like they fit true to size. Then again, he’s a size 13 and he was able to get a size 43 in Peloton spin shoes.

So I’ll say it again. If you wear a half size, it’s probably better to size up in the Peloton bike shoes.

Other non-Peloton cycling shoe alternatives include wide widths
If, for whatever reason, you decide not to buy your bike shoes on the Peloton website, you have plenty of other options. Back in 2016 I went to my local cycle store to get my Bontrager brand bike shoes.

Like my husband I have wide feet. So they recommended I get a brand that would take the Look Delta cleat and came in wide. I got the Bontrager brand.

These are my original Bontrager brand of Peloton bike shoes. You can buy them, for under $100, at

bontrager peloton bike shoes

FYI, in everyday shoes, I can wear anything from an 8WW to a 9W. Sometimes I’m an 8.5.

In my bike shoes I got a size 42. In this brand that was the equivalent of a size 9. I’m not sure, though, if that was a men’s 9–which would match up with the Peloton shoe size guide above–or a woman’s 9. The label on the inside actually says “wide.”

Here, I’ve collected a variety of wide cycle shoes for Peloton. These are cycling shoes for wide feet that come in a wide width and will work with your Peloton bike.

Best Peloton Shoes for Wide Feet
There are a couple of websites that sell cycling shoes for wide feet that you can use with your Peloton. The websites include, and

As far as the brands offering wide widths in shoes for the Peloton bike, these include Bontrager (which I wear), Sidi, Lake and Shimano. I’ve included links to some of these brands and website here.

FYI, since stores like REI have physical locations around the country, it’s always possible to buy online and then use curbside pickup, if your shoes are in stock at your local store.

Lake Wide Cycling Shoe – Men’s This shoe even comes in half sizes.

Shop Now
You can buy Bontrager brand of cycling shoes on the REI website. You can also find Bontrager shoes that take the Delta Look cleats on Bontrager does not sell on Amazon.
Best Cycling Shoes for Peloton
Looking for the best cycling shoes for Peloton? Here are some highly rated options.

Also, since so many readers have written asking about Pearl Izumi shoes for Peloton, I’ve made sure to include that brand.

Pro tip: get the Pearl Izumi shoes that are SPD and SPD-SL compatible. That means they can take the Peloton Delta Look cleats but can also be swapped out for SPD cleats, too.

Finally, when you shop on the Pearl Izumi website and sign up for their newsletter, you’ll get 15% off your first purchase.


Women’s Sugar Road | PEARL iZUMi Shoes for Peloton

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You can also find a small selection of cycling shoes on Zappos, especially for kids.
Peloton for Kids: Youth Cycling Shoes and More
If you’re wondering about kids Peloton shoes, I’ve offered a few options below for youth cycling shoes. I’ve also include toe cage straps that you can attach to your pedals. This will allow your children to wear their regular shoes (sneakers, gym shoes, running shoes) while riding the bike.


Finally, if you’re aware of other online options for getting bike shoes that take the Look Delta cleats, please let me know.
Here, I answer the most common questions about Peloton bike pedals.

Best Peloton Accessories
Looking for wide width everyday shoes for women? Check out this review!
Shoe cages for Peloton
If you don’t want to spend money on special shoes for your Peloton, you don’t have to. But you should invest in shoe cages, also known as toe cages.

These are straps that attach to your bike pedals. Then, you slip your regular gym shoes, running shoes or sneakers into the cages while you ride.

Because the Peloton pedals are fairly narrow and flat, cages are a good idea. There is a lot of “out of saddle” work you do during rides. That means you’ll be standing up.

When I first tried riding the bike with my sneakers on and no cages, I kept falling. Let me tell you–those pedals will scrape your shins really well (sarcasm).

What kind of shoes cages to buy for Peloton
The shoe cages we got for our bike came with the Look Delta cleat attached to the bottom. That way you can clip in without having the special shoes or replacing the pedals.

These toe cages have multiple holes in patterns on them. So, it looks like you could use them with SPD cleats, too.

In addition, I recently discovered that sells shoes cages or toe straps. They call them toe clips with straps. From reading the reviews, it looks like these will work with a Peloton bike.

Finally, you can find plenty of toe cage options for a Peloton bike on Amazon and eBay.

Delta Look Toe Strap Shoe Cages on eBay and Amazon
If you don’t want to use cycling shoes that clip in to the pedal on your Peloton, you can always buy Delta Look Toe Strap Shoe Cages. Some attach to the existing pedal; others come attached to a new pedal that you replace the Peloton pedal with. You can find them on eBay and Amazon.

Best shoes for Peloton bike
You want to make sure that your shoes come with the Delta cleats. Those are red triangles cleats that attach to the bottom of your shoe and work with the Peloton pedals.

Your Peloton compatible shoes should have three holes on the bottom to take the Delta clips. These are also known as Look Delta cleats and are the Peloton cleats type.

These Tomasso shoes, for example, list that they are compatible with Peloton bike pedals. It’s important to look for Peloton compatible shoes.

How do you determine if the cycling shoes you’re considering are Peloton compatible shoes and therefore the best cycling shoes for Peloton? You want to look for which cleats those shoes use.

Peloton bike shoes on Amazon
I’ve put together an exclusive shopping list on Amazon. It includes almost a dozen different kinds of Peloton-compatible bike shoes.

How are they compatible if they’re not the Peloton brand? Because they have the LOOK Delta triangle-shape cleats on the bottom. You can find Look Delta Cleats on Amazon.

Peloton bike cleats: Look Delta
Peloton compatible shoes use Look Delta cleats. To know that you have the right shoe for Peloton bike cleats, as I mentioned above, look for three holes on the bottom of the shoe. This is where you’ll attach the cleat.

FYI, Peloton bike cleats are also sometimes called clips. So if you read about Peloton shoe clips or Peloton clips, that’s likely what the writer meant.

If you took spin classes at your gym, chances are you may have used a spin bike that took shoes with two holes on the bottom. These cycling shoes use a cleat called SPD. You do not want these as your Peloton spin shoes.

If you already own these, unfortunately you’re going to have to buy new Peloton bike shoes. Or you can switch the pedals.

Bike shoe accessories
Regardless of what kind of bike shoes you get, you might be interested in some Peloton bike shoe accessories. When I say accessories, I mean products that can help make storing your shoes (and other equipment) easier and neater.

Shoe Storage
I get a lot of questions about shoe storage options. For starters, if there is just one of you riding, it’s easy. You can hang your shoes off the weight rack on the back of the bike.

But what if you’re like my family, with multiple people riding, all wearing different shoes? Then you’re going to have to invest in a shoe hanger.

I know that a shoe hanger is pretty popular. You can find these on Etsy. These shoe hangers, which look like big hooks, go on the back of your bike. They hang off under the weight rack. These allow you to hang more than one pair of shoes up to dry.

Another shoe accessory is a wall shelf. I’ve seen them, also on Etsy, made of wood and big enough to hold a ton of stuff, like shoes and towels. So this is another option for a Peloton shoe holder or storage for your shoes.
I just discovered this third option for storing shoes. It is a set of double-sided metal hooks, if you will, that fits onto the weight holders on the back of the bike. From there you can hang two pairs of shoes. I just installed this shoe rack on my bike, and you can buy them on Amazon.


Best socks to wear with bike shoes
Finding the best socks to wear with your Peloton bike shoes is a little like Goldilocks. You don’t want socks that are too thin or too thick or that run big or small. You want socks that are just right.

In all my years of riding my bike, I’ve found that Bombas socks are the “just right” socks for spinning. They’re comfortable, padded where they need to be and wick away moisture–if you have sweaty feet like I do.

There are a number of different styles of Bombas sock to choose from. If you decide to take my advice and invest in Bombas socks, let me offer this one piece of advice. Go for the quarter height or performance cycling socks.

I made the mistake of getting the no-show kind. They’re super cute when I wear them everyday. But I find that they sit too low inside my cycling shoes so the shoes end up rubbing my ankles.

Finally, another benefit to Bombas socks? They’re guaranteed for life.

Here’s my article on other products guaranteed for life.

I’ve highlighted a few of my favorites below. Bombas makes socks for men and women.

So what are the best cycling shoes for Peloton? Clearly, the best shoes for your Peloton bike are the ones that fit your feet comfortably and your budget, too.

If you find that the pricing on the Peloton website is the best around, then get those shoes. As I’ve mentioned, even my husband with wide, hard-to-fit feet found that the Peloton brand shoes worked for him.

In conclusion, are Peloton shoes good? Are the Peloton shoes worth it? Well, my husband has been using them since 2016 and they still look almost new. Same with me and my Bontrager shoes. I’ve worn them every time I ride, and I ride daily. They, too, are in great condition.

You can also grab a free printable of this Peloton shoe size chart, below, on my Printables page. It will download in PDF, which will make it easy for you to print out.

Note: this chart is for the Peloton brand of cycling shoes only. If you decide to buy another brand, please refer to the sizing chart from that manufacturer.

Overall thoughts on Peloton bike shoes
I’m sure you can find cycling shoes priced cheaper than $125 on the Peloton website. However, remember that sometimes you get what you pay for.


I know that my cycling shoes for Peloton cost about $100. Like the Peloton cycle shoes, they’ve lasted since 2016.

If you cheap out and get crappy bike shoes, you could end up paying double in the long run. Double when the shoes hurt your feet or you have to buy new shoes.

In addition, at some point, you should be able to visit a nearby cycle shop. There you can have a professional fit you for your bike shoes. Also, you will be supporting a local business.


Finally–and this bears repeating–when buying Peloton spin shoes, you want the kind with three holes on the bottom. These take the Look Delta cleat. These are the kind that can clip into the pedals that come with your bike.

It doesn’t matter what brand you buy–they must have three holes in the bottom. I know some people switch out their pedals to take the SPD cleat shoes that they use with their outdoor bikes. If that works for you, then go for it.